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Ubuntu Karmic on HP Pavillion dm1 1010sa Notebook

Posted:2010-03-08 13:39
Headline:Setting up Ubuntu Karmic on an HP Pavillion dm1 1010sa Notebook (it is really easy!). :Headline: Since my MacBook Air is taking so long to repair I've had to buy a new computer. I chose the HP Pavillion dm1 1010sa for £347 from Staples. It is a tiny notebook with a dual-core SU2300 which includes virtulization extensions. In this post I show how to create the Windows 7 restore DVDs, restore from the restore partition or restore from the restore DVDs, resizing the NTFS partition and installing Debian 5. In reality you are better off with Ubuntu Karmic though but this is simple to install too and supports all the hardware.

I actually installed Debian Lenny first so the NTFS partition resizing was done by the Lenny installer. I've no reason to believe the Ubuntu one wouldn't work though.



The laptop doesn't come with any recovery DVDs or copies of Windows. Instead it has a recovery partition which allows you to restore to the original state. THe problem is that we'll want to use the space for the recovery partition of Linux so we need another way to restore Windows 7 just in case. To do this you can create some recovery DVDs.

In this tutorial we'll handle first boot, create the recovery DVDs and then restore Windows 7 from the DVDs to be sure the whole process works before we remove the recovery partition.

After we are sure the restore works we can be more confident about installing Linux.

First Boot

Here's what you get when you first boot.

Img 9557 Img 9558 Img 9559 Img 9560 Img 9561 Img 9562 Img 9563 Img 9564 Img 9565 Img 9566 Img 9567 Img 9568 Img 9569 Img 9571 Img 9572 Img 9574 Img 9575 Img 9577 Img 9578 Img 9579 Img 9581 Img 9582 Img 9583 Img 9585

Create Recovery DVDs

Once everything has been set up you'll want to create the recovery DVDs. The laptop doesn't come with its own recovery DVDs so you have to make them yourself. The problem is that the utility will only allow you to run it once and is very fussy about the type of DVD you can use. It won't let you use +rw or -rw discs for example.

Img 9589

Testing the Restore

Now that you have the DVDs it is important to test the restore. The mistake I made was to start the restore from the recovery partition instead of the DVDs so I had to do the whole thing again to test the restore from DVD process. Here's the correct sequence:

Img 9612 Img 9613 Img 9614 Img 9615 Img 9616 Img 9617 Img 9618

At this point the process is just the same as the first boot, so let's turn to Linux.

Installing Linux

Installing Linux is very straightforward. Download whichever distribution you want and install it as normal. I've skipped a few screens but it is worh having a network cable plugged in for updates to be downloaded.

Img 9626

When it comes to partitioning, I removed the recovery partition and also chose to resize the main NTFS partition. Here's what my setup looks like:

Img 9627 Img 9628

The installer correctly notices Windows 7 so it is safe to install GRUB:

Img 9629 Img 9630

When you reboot into Windows it will notice that the NTFS partition has been changed and will run a disk check. This completes without problems.

Img 9632

You can now boot Ubuntu or Windows.

Img 9633

Ubuntu Setup

I installed from the Karmic Server CD and then installed Gnome afterwards with this command:

apt-get install ubuntu-gnome

You'll probably have installed from the Desktop CD so Gnome will already be installed.


Just load a video in a non-free format and install all the gstreamer plugins offered to you.


Load the hardware manager, the broadcom chip will be detected. Choose the proprietry drivers and restart.

Flash and MS Fonts

sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

This installs the MS Core Fonts too.

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