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MacBook Air

Posted:2008-03-17 22:43

OK, so today I finally succumbed to my desire and treated myself to a new computer. After umming and ahhring for weeks I purchased a MacBook Air, not that I'd have been able to get my hands on one any sooner even if I'd wanted to because this is the third time I've been to London's Regent Street store and the first time they've had any in stock.

I've got to say this really is a thing of beauty. Somehow it seems even more beautiful now I've got it home than it did in the shop. The packaging is a joy to unwrap and even the plastic bag it came in is not one I'll throw away in a hurry.

Now I'm a linux man at heart and the reason I bought the MacBook Air today rather than putting the decision off even longer was that I found instructions showing that it is possible to install Ubuntu Hardy Heron on it. I'm also desperate to try out the iPhone SDK so I had to buy a Mac of some sort.

Initial impressions are that the thing is truly beautiful (have I mentioned that already) and being a first-time Mac owner I wasn't expecting myself to be so easily impressed. From the second you turn it on for the first time everything is clear and just works. It is even simpler than my beloved Debian Etch.

If you are toying with the idea of getting one my advice so far is do. I've only just started playing with it though so we'll see if the initial impressions last.

Things which have impressed me so far:

Things I'll take a while to get used to:

Things I've already changed:

Right, now to try out some of the apps.. starting with Mail. See you later.

OK, Mail is really nice too. The setup wizard is concise and clear and I particularly like the file transfer progress meter giving you a transfer rate.

That's just surprised me too. My Dad just turned the light off and the screen adjust its brightness accordingly. He turned it on again and the brightness came back up. The keys are very nicely backlit too so you can easily read them.

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