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Samba Debian 4.0 Etch

Posted:2007-05-05 14:58

I followed this samba guide and it worked perfectly. The only thing I did differently was not to setup the publicly writable directory at the end. In the [homes] section I chose browseable = yes. I also only set up a user called james, instead of tom.

The name of the samba server will be the same as the hostname, in my case bose.

Once the server was setup I connected to the share by choosing Places->Connect to Server... and then selecting Windows share. I then entered smb://bose/james in the Server field and clicked Connect. You are asked to enter your password (which is the one you entered earlier when you ran smbpasswd) and then the share opens and you have read and write access. You can also store the password in a keyring to make connecting more convenient next time.

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James Gardner: Home > Blog > 2007 > Samba Debian 4.0 Etch