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Safari 3 Beta for Windows

Posted:2007-06-11 22:22
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Apple have announced a Safari 3 beta for Windows. The download is 8Mb and should make it easier for people like me to develop websites that work on the Mac version of Safari. I've already noticed the 3aims.com site doesn't render correctly on Safari 3 so that is something I'll look into.

What's interesting is that the default install also includes Bonjour (Apple's network discovery tool) and the Apple Software Update program. Does this mark a new trend of Apple is trying to launch core components on the PC?

It looks like the browser tries to use the Mac fonts but the rendering doesn't look quite right to me.

Safari 3 Screenshot on Windows

Update: Sadly it seems to crash every time I exit with an error "The memory cannot be read"

Safari 3 Crash Screenshot on Windows

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James Gardner: Home > Blog > 2007 > Safari 3 Beta for Windows