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About This Site

This site is completely produced without any sort of dynamic content generation. That means no PHP, no Java, no ASP.NET and no Python. Nothing but pure, static HTML.

In order to keep the maintenence of the site manageable a set of tools are used to operate on the static files. Those tools need the following information to help them perform their work effectively:

BASE_URLBase URL of the live sitehttp://jimmyg.org/
REMOTE_SCPPublication SCP Pathjimmyg-live@
SITE_ROOTSite Root./
PHOTO_DIRECTORYBase directory for binary photosbin/photos
GALLERY_DIRECTORYBase directory for the gallery itselflife/photo
GALLERY_TEMPLATEGallery templateTemplates/jimmyg.dwt
BLOG_DIRECTORIESBlog directory for the blogblog/
BLOG_TITLEBlog titleBlog
BLOG_HEADINGBlog headingJames Gardner's Blog
BLOG_TEMPLATEBlog templateTemplates/jimmyg.dwt
DEFAULT_TEMPLATEDefault templateTemplates/jimmyg.dwt

This file serves to explain how the site is structured as well as to provide the information the tools require.

There are a number of extension services being run:

Here's how I deploy:

~/env/bin/python -m sitetool.command orphans -c /home/james/Desktop/Sites/JimmygSite/code/trunk/jimmygsite/static/about.html --relative > /home/james/Desktop/Sites/JimmygSite/code/trunk/jimmygsite/static/orps.txt

rsync -aLHxvz --progress --numeric-ids --exclude-from orps.txt /home/james/Desktop/Sites/JimmygSite/code/trunk/jimmygsite/static/ jimmyg-live@ -e "ssh -p 30002"
James Gardner: Home > About