James Gardner

James Gardner

I'm the James Gardner that works as a Full Stack Web Developer and Open Source Technical Architect, lives in London, was lucky enough to study Physics at Oxford (Wadham College), and designed a Photobioreactor whilst at school in Bedford!

I'm best known for programming in the Python language and for leading the CKAN open data team in its formative years at data.gov.uk (now used worldwide e.g. data.gov, humdata, more...). You can still read my open source book on the Pylons web framework.

Nowadays I also code Node.js, React (web and native) and Go. I like taking projects from idea to MVP to production using a test-driven approach or helping successful teams scale their software.

Recent News

8th February 2017
30th January 2017

perl -pi -w -e 's/page/comment/g; s/Page/Comment/g;' comment.py

30th January 2017

Google Cloud Functions HTTP (alpha) and something similar with Azure Functions described on Stack Overflow (because the headers option in context.res is not documented in the docs)

27th January 2017

Earley parser in JS (I want to read this when I get a chance) 

21st January 2017
14th January 2017
11th January 2017
10th January 2017
4th January 2017

Shapeways 3D printing service

3rd January 2017
1st January 2017
28th December 2016
26th December 2016
22nd December 2016

Inspired by the maker spirit of the big life fix, I might have a go at following this ESP822 guide. after I bought the components in Feb 2015. Don't know what I'll fix with it yet though.

21st December 2016